Our Home Remodel: Upstairs Bath Inspiration

As you may know, we are in the process of remodeling our upstairs bathroom. It's the first room in our house that is getting pretty much completely gutted and I am over the moon! We have two bathrooms in our house and this is the one we use most often, as well as the one guests use. Between the unreliable toilet, tiled vanity counter, and brown everything, this bathroom has been on the top of my list ever since we bought our house almost a year ago. See for yourself...

This is not our forever home, so I knew I wanted to keep the base of the bathroom simple and clean, but layer in some vintage and moody elements. Here are some of the images that inspired me as I began designing our bathroom:

Here is the mood board I created:

The white subway tile, marble hex floor, and marble vanity top create a simple base, but the accessories and paint color really warm it up. I was planning on doing a medicine cabinet to have more storage, but I fell in the love with this mirror and love how it adds a different shape to the bathroom. I am still deciding on the exact color of the vanity, but it will be a grayish-green like the swatch pictured. I want to do bead board or some type of paneling on the walls, painted the same color as the vanity, but am still deciding exactly what that will be!

This project is taking so much longer than we anticipated, but we are so ready for our bathroom to be done and to take a little break from major projects until after the holidays! I can't wait to share the final result!