Miscellaneous Monday

Mostly this blog will be strictly Interior Design related, but I've reserved Mondays as a day for posts that also include all the miscellaneous stuff that design lovers also love. Yummy recipes, good books, fashion finds, and more.

So here's my first Miscellaneous Monday (name suggestions are very welcome)...

1. I love how this house feels like fall without trying too hard. The warm wood door, climbing greenery, and imperfectly placed pumpkins create an inviting fall porch without it feeling fussy and overdecorated.

2. Fall is without a doubt my favorite season for shopping.

Here are some things I've been eyeing for myself:

For Eloise:

For Karl:

3. We're knee deep in our bathroom remodel and this image is serving up some major inspiration:

I've been torn between painting our vanity blue or green and the second I saw this image my mind was made up. Green it is!

4. This month I started a cookbook club with some close friends. I was inspired by this podcast. I hosted this month and chose this cookbook:

Everything was so yummy, but I will say all the recipes we tried were quite laborious. I was expecting more quick and easy meals,

Happy Monday!